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Good News, another Woodstoke event is coming this year

logoWhangamata, Coromandel
21st to 24th October 2016.

A Challenge… have we lost touch with:
• The living clay and the firing process?
• The purpose and privilege of our work, the inheritance from previous generations of potters?
• How to share our story with the customer and market?
• The tribe we are a continuum of?
• Our youth, the future of clay?


Woodstoke is a chance to answer, a chance to reply, a chance to converge and tell our stories. This is to be a gathering, focussed on making and wood firing the living clay. For the regeneration of our fibre by providing a meeting place. For experiential learning for participants and guests. We believe it is an essential time for us to reconnect.


Our first list of guest potter/demonstrators is now listed in the Conference Page. As we confirm more guests we'll be adding to the list - so keep an eye out over the next couple of months.

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