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fireGood News, another Woodstoke Whangamata event is on the calendar - 21st to 24th October 2016. Already planning is underway, wood, clay and bricks being sourced and crazy kiln ideas being tossed around. So pencil the event in your next year's diary and check back regularly to this website or the face book page for more updates.

Mike O'Donnell's kiln firing

Mike's firingThe kiln is loaded, full with the most amazing 3D jigsaw of sculptural pieces - 7 in all. It took Mike and Duncan 3 days of careful manipulation and multiple tries to work out how all the pieces could slot together and still have room for the flame and have a fairly even density across the kiln. The firebox has a more open stack this time with 4 large lidded pots, a big jug and one large sculptured figure hovering over it all.

The firing is starting on 5th July with the candling, ustalising a new technique of a temporary rocket stove feeding heat to the ember bed chanels. By Monday the kiln should be humming along and sometime on Tuesday there'll be a small dose of soda to jazz up the edges.

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Wood Kilns
A public resource of wood fired kilns around the world. Any type of wood kiln for pottery is accepted.
If you are interested in adding yours to the map please email Send the Name of the kiln, Type of kiln, Size in Cubic feet, date of construction, contact information and any website where more information may be found. Click on this LINK to see an example.

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