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Maureen Allison is firing her anagama kiln on Labour Weekend (25th to 27th October). The photos below give you some idea of the wood involved. Luckily her husband, Dennis, is handy with the log splitter. See the contact page if you want to call in and see her kiln in action.


Here's a classic photo of Maureen dealing with the wood pile for the next firing.


Dennis is handy with the splitter


The wood pile after the mammoth splitting effort

Duncan's kiln rebuild project

After Duncan's recent relocation out of Paeroa, down the road and into Mackaytown the kiln was a pile of bricks needing attention. To see his progress check out his website: and if you're in the area pop in to see if he'd finally finished it.

duncan kiln


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A public resource of wood fired kilns around the world. Any type of wood kiln for pottery is accepted.
If you are interested in adding yours to the map please email Send the Name of the kiln, Type of kiln, Size in Cubic feet, date of construction, contact information and any website where more information may be found. Click on this LINK to see an example.

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