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kilnAnagama workshop at
Auckland Studio Potters  

Weekend workshop
18 & 19 January 2014
by Duncan Shearer

This workshop is focused on the aesthetics and practical considerations for making pots for wood firing. The topics and techniques covered include: clay choices, slips, glazes, forms and sizes, stacking and awareness of flame path/effects. See the Workshops page for more information



Here's a classic photo of Maureen dealing with the wood pile for the next firing.

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Wood Kilns
A public resource of wood fired kilns around the world. Any type of wood kiln for pottery is accepted.
If you are interested in adding yours to the map please email Send the Name of the kiln, Type of kiln, Size in Cubic feet, date of construction, contact information and any website where more information may be found. Click on this LINK to see an example.




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